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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5)


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):241-54

Cancer of the rectum: complementary treatment versus surgery. Individuation of clinical-organisational Guidelines

Genovese A. M.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):255-62

Management of anorectal incontinence in adults

Kouraklis G., Andromanakos N.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):263-8

Hereditary non poliposys colorectal cancer (HNPCC) prevention

Cavallaro I., Lauretta A., Pennisi S., Cavallaro V.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):269-72

Laparoscopic colecystectomy in day surgery. One year experience

Caputo P., Giorgetta C., Molinari G., Meroni E., Carzaniga P.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):273-6

Postoperative complications linked to liver resective surgery

Benzoni E., Uzzau A., Favero A., Molaro R., Cedolini C., Lorenzin D., Intini S., Bresadola F.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):277-82

Effect of cardiopulmonar bypass on coronary circulation

Tamayo E., Alvarez J., Soria S., Rodríguez R., Gómez J. I., Di Stefano S., Florez S


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):283-6

Autologous blood donation before elective cardiac procedure

Yoda M., Shimakura T


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):287-90

Clinical evaluation of the aortic connector for proximal anastomoses in coronary bypass surgery

Setina M., Mokracek A., Bonilla L. F.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):291-4

The significance of hyperglycemia regulation in postoperative wound infection following femoropopliteal bypass surgery in diabetic cases

Karabay O., Yetkin U., Onol H.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):295-8

A new approach by surgical procedure and endovascular therapy for iliac occlusive disease

Ohtake H., Kimura K., Nagamine H., Kosugi I., Watanabe G., Sanada J., Matsui O.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):299-302

Varicose veins under local anaesthesia. The definitive choice?

Garavello A., Boccuzzi M., Gervasio C., Manfroni S., Antonellis D.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):303-6

Recurrent inguino-crural hernia. Our experiences in 152 cases

Ciaccia E., Silla R., Bhatti P., Dal Pos R.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):307-12

Has the location of colorectal tumors changed? Considerations on a direct surgical experience during the last decade

Basilico V., Griffa B., Capriata G.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):313-8

Acute complicated diverticulitis: comparison of different surgical treatment

Testi W., Ranalli M., Tumbiolo S., Staffieri C., De Martino A., Bing C., Genovese A., Tani F., Cirianni D., Consiglio F.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):319-22

Acute diverticular disease: our experience

Montalto G., Mingrone P., Cloro L., Caldeo L


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):323-6

Breast cancer surgery as an outpatient in Italy: is it possible?

Carcano G., Uccella L., Ferrari A., Rovera F., Dionigi G., Limonta G., Dionigi R


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):327-34

The Hospital’s Outpatient Unit in Surgical Oncology

Cherubini M., Baxa P., Bucconi S.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):335-6

The intradermal suture in the emergency of traumatics wounds

Di Quirico R., Del Papa U., Bindi F., Di Domenicantonio G., Di Tano V., Orfanelli R.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):337-8

Early colon perforation after lung transplantation. Two case reports and a review of the literature

Madden B., Charokopos N., Rouska E.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):339-44

Necrotizing fasciitis of abdominal wall. A case report

Palmeri R., Lazzara S., Melita G., Currò G., Iapichino G., Cucinotta E., Melita P.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):345-8

Gastroduodenal artery aneurysm: case report

Catona B., Parziale A., Ruggiero R., Lamanna L., Morone G., Luzzana F., Spahia B.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):349-52

Subcutaneous emphysema of the thorax and rectal perforation

Coli P.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):353-6

The small-bowel diverticula: description of a clinic case

Navarra G. G., Selva S., Mitolo I. C., Bonomi S., Virzi S.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):357-62

Renal sarcoma

Vadalà G., Evola G., Vainella A., Evola F. R., Rinella A., Bonanno F., Vadalà S.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):363-6

Spontaneous asymptomatic pneumomediastinum. Report of two cases

Rovera F., Dionigi G., Cadario F., Bianchi M., Perlasca F.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):367-72

Anatomical reconstruction of the abdominal wall

Del Frari C., Annacontini L., Piza-Katzer H.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):373-6

Primary synovial sarcoma of the diaphragmatic pleura: comfirmed by molecular detection of SYT-SSX fusion gene transcripts

Satoshi Y., Seiji H., Hiroshi I., Akinori I., Kawahara K., Takayuki S.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):377-8

Bilateral axillary accessory breasts. A case report

Kalliakmanis V., Pikoulis E., Tsigris C., Papaconstantinou I., Bramis J., Gougoudi E., Leppaniemi A.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):379-80

Small bowel evisceration through anal canal secondary to a stercoral perforation

Malik C. I., Hanavadi S., Siddiqui M., Oke T.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):381-4

Hemoperitoneum and acute abdomen caused by rupture of a large exogastric pedunculate leiomyoma into the bursa omentalis. Report of a case

Andromanakos N., Moulakakis K. G., Flessas M., Safioleas M. C.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):385-8

Carcinoid of the appendix: three cases

Coli P.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):389-90

Catamenial pneumothorax. Report of a case and review of the literature

Safioleas M. C., Moulakakis K. G., Stamatakos M., Arabatzi E., Tomos P


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):391-4

Massive hemoptysis due to pulmonary arteriovenous malformation

Barbetakis N., Xenikakis T., Efstathiou A., Fessatidis I.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):395-8

Huge right atrial myxoma with tricuspid valve endocarditis

Meier M. R., Dietl C. A., Fischer E. G., Raizada V.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):399-400

A case of heavily calcified mitral valve replacement. Is the annulus should be a sewing ring?

Song M. H., Watanabe T., Nakamura H.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):401-4

A fetal case of hydrops fetalis due to bronchopulmonary sequestration. Fetal therapy and a review of the literature in Japan

Asabe K., Iwasaki A., Yonekura J., Oka Y., Shirakusa T.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):405-8

Giant desmoid tumors in Gardner’s syndrome. A case report and review of the literature

Cobianchi L., Zonta S., Lovisetto F., Jemos V., Alessiani M., Sgarella A., Dionigi P.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):409-10

Treatment of persistent chylothorax with somatostatin. A case report

Keceligil H. T., Bahcivan M., Demirag M. K


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):411-4

Intestinal obstruction as a complication of the migration of prosthesis in hernia repair

Vadalà G., Milintenda L., Azzaro P., Evola G., Sangani G., Bonanno F., Vadalà S.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):415-8

A gastric hiatal hernia may make abdominal pain disappear

Pomerri F., Bilora F., Muzzio P. C


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):419-22

Intestinal obstruction due to Meckel’s diverticulum. Description of clinical case and therapeutical consideration

Russo B., Barbato A., De Vinco M., Petraglia F., Catalano G., Scognamiglio F.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):423-6

Clinical and diagnostic considerations about tubercolous peritonitis. Two cases and literature rate

Corsale I., Buccianelli E., Aloise F., Mori P., Sorce S., Bartolomei M., Rigutini M., Luceretti R., Veltroni A


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):427-30

Y-V Pyloroplasty. A technique obsolete but useful

Safioleas M. C., Moulakakis K. G., Kountouras J., Kostakis A.


Chirurgia 2005 October;18(5):431-4

Arterial reconstruction using the deep femoral artery as an intermediate conduit between the aortoiliac and the infrapopliteal arteries

Shindo S., Kubota K., Kojima A., Matsumoto M.

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