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Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2)


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):67-72

Surgical treatment of rectal cancer with sphincter preservation: functional results with regard to the level of the anastomosis. A clinical-manometric study

Montesani C., Pronio A., Badiali D., Vestri A. R., Santella S., D’Amato A., Boschetto A., Bracci F., Ribotta G.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):73-6

Combined laparoscopic splenectomy and cholecystectomy for hereditary spherocytosis

Romano F., Caprotti R., Franciosi C., Porta G., Real G., Musco F., Colombo G., Uggeri F.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):77-80

Appendix specimen pathology for presumed acute appendicitis

Pavlidis T., Papaziogas B., Atmatzidis K., Makris J., Lazaridis C., Souparis A., Papaziogas T.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):81-4

The pilonidal sinus which management?

Maniscalco L., Speranza G., Maniscalco A.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):85-8

Male breast neoplasms. State of the art

Di Mauro S., Bartolo V., La Malfa G., Maglitto D., Barbera S., Turrisi M., Cesario E.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):89-92

Sequential abdominal wall recurrences of incidental gallbladder cancer after laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallstones. Case report and literature review

Valduga P., Zani B., Battocletti M., Lauro E., Marcucci S.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):93-6

Pseudoaneurysm of the right hepatic artery after resection of the principal biliary tract. Case report

Intini S., Dado G., Marcotti E., Scanavacca F., Vianello V., Bresadola V., Bresadola F.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):97-100

Anterior-lateral hernia of the abdomen “Spigelian hernia”. Clinical reports

Ragazzi R., Vaccaro R., Pace G., Cremona S., Scrofani M., Buttafuoco A., Ragazzi S., Di Pietro S., Pluchino D.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):101-4

Obturator hernia: three cases and literature survey

Taranto F., Tonante A., Gagliano E., Giuseppe A., Lo Schiavo M. G., D’Alia C., Bonanno L., Sturniolo G.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):105-8

Chron’s disease with fistula through bladder and terminal ileal loop

Ragazzi R., Capizzi G., Pace G., Cremona S., Turtulici B., Vaccaro R., Di Pietro S., Buttafuoco A., Ragazzi S., Gulino V.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):109-12

Neonatal acute abdomen due to twisted omental lymphangioma

Messina M., Ferrucci E., Meucci D., Garzi A., Ilardi A.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):113-4

Hydatic cyst of the gluteus muscle. A case report

Borello M., Roy L., Denoyé G. C., Guglielminotti P., Sacchi L.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):115-8

A case of pneumatosis cystoides of the sigmoid. Clinical and etiopathogenetic observations

Zuccon W., Caputo P. P., Faccini M., Gavezzoli D., Manelli A., Bonandrini L.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):119-22

Tension free hernioplasty with sutureless mesh and plug according to rutkow. Our evaluations

Ciaccia E., Antonello G., Balduino M., Silla R., Dal Pos R.


Chirurgia 2001 April;14(2):123-4

A warmed antiseptic product for ambulatory breast surgical procedurs

Baratellli G. M., Lanzani A., Valsecchi P.

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