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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1)


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):1-8

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer. Personal experience in 706 cases

Uggeri Fr., Porta G., Caprotti R., Franciosi C., De Fina S., Musco F., Romano F., Sartori P., Uggeri Fa., Colombo G.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):9-12

The distal gastrectomy procedure associated with gastric-duodenal anastomosis preserves duodenal physiology and gives better nutrition and quality of life. Personal experience

Ragazzi R., Pace G., Cremona S., Vaccaro R., Di Pietro S., Buttafuoco A., Pluchino D., Ragazzi S.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):13-6

Laparoscopic splenectomy in the treatment of hematologic disorders of the spleen. Personal experience in adult and pediatric patients

Romano F., Caprotti R., Porta G., Franciosi C., Musco F., Colombo G., Real G., Uggeri F.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):17-20

Hemorrhoidectomy. Analysis of comparison between Milligan-Morgan versus Ferguson technique

Carrabetta S., Nikzat K., Guardini R., Segre D.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):21-4

Mesh repair of inguinal hernia. Day-case operation under local anesthetic

Pavlidis T., Lazaridis C. N., Atmatzidis K. S., Makris J. G., Papaziogas B. T., Papaziogas T. B.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):25-8

Reduction mammoplasty with nipple aureola complex free graft

D’Andrea F., Brongo S., Ferraro G., Farace F., Castaldo A.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):29-34

A study on the surgical epidemiology of non-melanoma skin cancer. Consequences on diagnosis and treatment

Pellicano P., Quatra F., Colonna M., Soliera L., Delia G.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):35-8

Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia. Personal experience

Ragazzi R., Pace G., Cremona S., Vaccaro R., Di Pietro S., Buttafuoco A., Pluchino D., Ragazzi S.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):39-42

Spigelian hernia. Description of six cases and a literature survey

Lo Schiavo M. G., Tonante A., Gagliano E., Taranto F., Amadeo G., D’Alia C., Bonanno L., Sturniolo G.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):43-6

Oxyuriasis in acute appendicitis. Description of two cases and review of the literature

Tozzi D., Delmonaco S., Pietroletti R., Leardi S.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):47-50

Hepatobiliary cystadenoma. Case report

Di Gesù G., Giammanco M., Di Prima G., Vetri G.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):51-4

Abdominal cyst due to retained gauze, with urological symptomatology

Schettini M., Guaglianone S.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):55-8

Seminoma metastasis. A particular clinical case

Campanelli G., Bastazza M., Ruca A., Senni Buratti M., Casirani R., Nicolosi F. M.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):59-62

Technical difficulties in morbid obesity surgery. Case report

Imperio M., Nottola D., Grani S., Cariani S., Amenta E.


Chirurgia 2001 February;14(1):63-6

Pseudotumor of pancreatic head

Cristiano S., Angelone G., Giardiello C.

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