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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5)


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):319-26

Laparotomic conversion during videolaparoscopic cholecystectomy

, LAP Club, Gruppo Collaborativo Italiano per lo sviluppo della Chirurgia Videolaparoscopica e delle Tecniche Mininvasive


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):327-32

Evolution of cholecystocholedocholithiasis treatment in Piemonte between 1992 and 1997

Guglielminotti P., Brachet Contul R., Giraudo G., Morino M.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):333-8

Splenectomy: indications and surgical techniques

Porzio S., Marocco M., Listorti N., Lombardi V., Scotti A., Porzio R.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):339-44

Postoperative complications of rectal tumour surgery

De Paolis P., Fusi D., Giustetto A., Longhin R., Farina E. C.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):345-8

Emergency thoracotomy

Pagan V., Moretti R., Busetto A., Barbaresco S., Fontana P.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):349-50

Hepato-enterostomy on the third hepatic segment as a method of internal biliary derivation in patients with jaundice and neoplasm with good performance status

Battistini G., Scamuzzi C., Tallero G.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):351-2

Post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia. Clinical case

Molizzi T. C., Miceli F., Folino G., Daffinà R., Rubino P., Miceli R.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):353-6

Mature cystic teratoma of the ovary. A clinicopathologic and therapeutic analysis

Tani F., Coratti A., Andolfi E., Belcastro M., Ludovisi G., Brogi M., Lucenti A.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):357-62

Multiple gastric carcinoids. Problems of surgical strategy and case report

Turri L., Agugiaro S., Barbareschi M.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):363-6

Post-traumatic blindness due to orbital fracture. Description of a clinical case and diagnostic and therapeutic approaches

Nocini P. F., Dolci M., D’Agostino A., Bedogni A., Carminati R.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):367-72

Elastofibroma dorsi

Briccoli A., Smerieri A., Di Renzo M., Guicciardi L., De Bernardinis G., Mercuri M.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):373-8

Chest wall reconstruction using plates and prosthetic materials after tumor resection

Briccoli A.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):379-88

Staging of pancreatic cancer by laparoscopy and laparoscopic ultrasonography

Occelli G., Feroce A., Barrat C., Catheline J. M., Champault G.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):389-92

Lipectomy for the treatment of gynecomastia. Technical note

Scevola S., Falconi D., Boggio Robutti G.


Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):393-4

Intraoperative subcutaneous infiltration of bupivacaine to prevent surgical pain in microsurgical lumbar discectomy

Bucciero A.

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