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A Journal on Surgery

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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4)


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):241-6

Minimal morbidity in laparoscopic colorectal surgery. Six years of experience

Morino M., Giraudo G., Festa V., Garrone C., Caldart M.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):247-52

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the elderly

Canonico S., Pacifico F., Sciaudone G., Alberico A.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):253-6

Complications of gallstones spillage into the peritoneal cavity during laparoscopic cholecystectomy

De Pasquale L., Gobbi G., Vitri P., De Nicola E., Ceriani F., Bastagli A.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):257-62

VATS major pulmonary resections. A five-year experience

Solaini L., Campanini A., Bagioni P., Di Francesco F., Poddie D. B.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):263-6

One-day surgery in thyroid surgery. A feasibility study

Tartaglia F., Stocco F., Mastropietro T., Scueglia M., Marchesi M., Biffoni M., Nuccio G., Bernardini E., Campana F. P.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):267-70

Causes of recurrence evaluated in 466 patients operated on for secondary hyperparathyroidism

Gasparri G., Camandona M., Abbona G. C., Papotti M., Jeantet A., Radice E., Mullineris B., Dei Poli M.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):271-4

Carotid surgery under regional anaesthesia

Rignano A., Mezzetti R., Albanese S., Keller G. C., Vandone P. L.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):275-82

Prognostic evaluation of lymphadenectomy in gastric cancer

Del Buono G., Secci S., Fabbrucci P.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):283-6

Axillary lymphnode dissection. Morbidity and role in the treatment of breast cancer

Vassia S., Mainente M., De Luca T., Raineri F., Facci E., Acerbi A., Montresor E., Modena S.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):287-90

Microscopic changes in the hepatocyte and MEGX test as early markers of cell damage related to warm ischemic conditions in porcine model

Gruttadauria S., Marino G., Gentile A., Sgroi A. V., Pintaudi S., Libra S., Gruttadauria G.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):291-4

Effects of a diagnosis delay in the treatment and survival in patients with pancreatic neoplasms

Pantalone D., Bontà M., Allocca A., Nincheri M., Borri A.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):295-300

The treatment of abscesses and abdominal fluid collections using percutaneous drainage under ultrasound guide. Operative ultrasonography in general surgery

Ansaldo V., Pera M., Veneroso A., Magistrelli P.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):301-6

Chemotherapy (5-fluorouracil and folinic acid) in addition to surgical treatment of colorectal neoplasms

Longhini A., Landucci A., Borelli P., Kazemin A., Tessi W., Marcolli G.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):307-10

Single-step surgical treatment of adrenal pheochromocytoma and medullary thyroid carcinoma in Sipple’s syndrome

Ambrosi A., Fabiano G., Pezzolla A., Errico D., Iacobone M., Barone G., Fersini A., Battaglia M., Carrieri G., Ditonno P., Traficante A., Selvaggi F. P., Pirrelli A., Nardecchia A., Furino A., Carravetta G., Taccaliti A., Riccialdelli L., Giovagnetti M.,


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):311-4

Mediastinal neurogenic dumbbell tumors. Combined microneurosurgical and videothoracoscopic treatment

Sgarbi G., Ferrari G., Pavarini E., Annessi V., De Franco S., Nizzoli V., Ruini M.


Chirurgia 1999 August;12(4):315-8

Gastrointestinal bleeding due to pancreatic pseudocyst

Rispo A., Scotto Di Carlo E., Giuliani A., Rambaldi P. F., Mansi N., Selvaggi F.

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