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A Journal on Surgery

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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4)


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):219-21

Ambulatory inguinal hernia surgery

Brulatti M., Boschi S., Papa V., Patrizi P., Capizzi F. D.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):222-6

Proctological surgery in ambulatory surgery and short hospital stay. The patient’s point of view

Gaj F., Trecca A., Scardamaglia F., Carboni M.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):227-30

Routine use of “open laparoscopy” in laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Marra B., De Falco A., Allocca C., Sauchelli L., Natale C.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):231-4

Adrenal metastases from non-small cell lung carcinoma. Is there a surgical choice?

Pandolfi U., Marchesi R., Benedetti M., Scicchitano D., Arcidiaco M., Valenti L., Ronchi V., Rizzo S.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):235-8

Treatment of acute appendicitis: retrospective study and statistical analysis of the clinical parameters which indicate the state of the illness

Greco L., Piccinni G., Gentile A., Todisco C., Simone M., Testini M., Regina G.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):239-44

Primary closure of decentred wounds in surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus

Docimo L., Pacifico F., Guida G., Docimo G., Sparavigna L., Papagno P.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):245-51

Surgical management of post-thyroidectomy bilateral vocal cord paralysis in adduction

Maurizi M., Paludetti G., Almadori G., Galli J., Ottaviani F.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):252-5

Natural history of bilateral aorto-femoral bypass in ePTFE

Agresta F., Michelet I., Boni V.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):256-61

The use of artificial liver support systems for the treatment of acute liver failure

Fogli L., Morsiani E., Demetriou A. A., Gerlach J. C., Gavioli G., Azzena G.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):262-9

Prognostic and therapeutic role of lymphadenectomy in surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer

Proposito D., Santoro R., Lazzaro M., Gallina S., Trecca A., Mancini B., Scardamaglia F., Carboni M


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):270-8

Medical responsibility in laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Buzzi F., Bonandrini L., Fineschi V., Di Paolo M.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):279-83

Isolated resection of the dorsal sector of the liver

Marmorale C., Scibè R., Corradini G., Sartelli M., Landi E.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):284-5

Malignant diseases not discovered during laparoscopic surgery

Piazza D., Caruso F., Mosca F., Mascali D., Latteri F., Ferrara M.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):286-8

Multiple primary neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract. Report of a case

Giacchino P., Filauro M., Valletti A., Tunesi G.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):289-92

Side to side isoperistaltic strictureplasty for the surgical treatment of long stenosis in Crohn’s disease. Notes of surgical techniques

Gerlinzani S., Molteni B., Montecamozzo G., Poliziani D., Taschieri A. M.


Chirurgia 1998 August;11(4):293-6

Rubber band ligation of hemorrhoids. Experimental and clinical study on plastic rings

Gaj F., Trecca A., Scardamaglia F., Barbaro G., Carboni M.

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