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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3)


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):137-41

Surgery on the thereshold of the years 2000: personal experience

D’Amico D.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):142-8

Trabucco inguinal hernioplasty with tension-free sutureless preshaped mesh

Trabucco E., Trabucco A., Rollino R., Morino M.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):149-53

Videolaparoscopic cholecystectomy. Experience and results with 1050 cases

Casciola L., Di Zitti L., Ceccarelli G., Mazzoli W., Ramboti M.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):154-7

Videoassisted sternotomic thymectomy with transverse supraxyphoid cutaneous incision

Granone P., Margaritora S., Cesario A., Verbo A., Galetta D., Franceschini G., Evoli A., Batocchi A. P., Picciocchi A.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):158-62

Intestinal anastomosis with the biofragmentable anastomosis ring (VALTRAC). Clinical experience with 113 cases

Orcalli F., Frigo F., Salvato S., Residori C., Veronese E., Elio A., Lupi A., Sipala G.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):163-7

The role of manometry in the evaluation of failures in the patients operated for gastroesophageal reflux

Migliore M., Basile F., Petralia G. A., Catania G., Deodato G., Romeo G.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):168-71

Immunoprotected debulking surgery in colorectal cancer. Rational and preliminary clinical results

Uggeri F., Brivio F., Lissoni P., Gramazio F., Castoldi M., Viganò P., Brivio O., Franciosi C.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):172-80

Surgical treatment of liver injuries

Giordano G., Mustacchio N., Bonomo G. M., Ialongo P.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):181-5

Total proctocolectomy with ileal reservoir. Clinical aspects and functional evaluation in long-term follow-up

Bossotti M., Bona A., Mattio R., Borroni R., Manfredi S., Ceccopieri B., Bertolino F., Locatelli L., Dellepiane M.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):186-9

Interleukins 1ß, 6 and 8 in inflammatory bowel disease

Marongiu L., Scintu F., Marongiu M. E., Melis M., Casula G.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):190-4

Surgical management of Hürthle cell tumors

Rulli F., Muzi M., Lampugnani R., Sianesi M.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):195-8

Pathophysiology of aging. Surgical aspects

Nano M., Lanfranco G., Moffa F.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):199-203

Liver transplantation with cavo-portal hemitrans-position for diffuse portal vein thrombosis

Cavallari A., Jovine E., Mazziotti A., Grazi G. L., Ercolani G., Pierangeli F., Gardini A., Cescon M., Varotti G.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):204-7

Jatrogenic injury to the bile duct in laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Poddie D. B., Guglielminetti D., Casetti T.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):208-12

Vater’s ampulla somatostatinoma

De Paoli M., De Gregori M., Tunesi G., Claudiani F., Anfossi A.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):213-6

Primary papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal duct remnant

Ragni F., Pinelli D., Brisigotti M., Zorzi F., Piccini I., Pasini M., Ghedi M., Roncali S.


Chirurgia 1998 June;11(3):217-8

Palliative treatment of the carcinoma of the head of the pancreas

Pederzoli P.

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