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Most read articles over the last three weeks

Chirurgia 2002 June;15(3):99-106
Splenic artery aneurysm: splenic infarction and rupture of aneurysm. Case report
Schietroma M., Carlei F., Chiominto A., Marsili L., Carloni A., Mattucci S., D'Emidio F.

Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):273-6
Aggressive basalioma cell carcinoma of the nose. Surgical management in a patient with multiple neoplastic relapses
Chiummariello S., Monarca C., Rizzo M. I., Pacitti F., Noviello A., Alfano C.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):85-7
Ileostomy closure: rare causes of complications
Sofia M., Barbagallo F., Gagliardo S., Chisari A., Sparatore F., La Greca G.

Chirurgia 2012 June;25(3):213-5
Angina bullosa hemorrhagica of the soft palate: a case series
Bortoluzzi M. C., Capella D. L., Guollo A., Schaun A.

Chirurgia 2008 August;21(4):229-31
Fournier’s syndrome: our clinical experience
Soma P. F., Scrimali L., Verzì D., Virzì D., Scilletta A., Siragò P.

Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):63-5
Spinocellular carcinoma: clinical and epidemiological considerations and follow-up in 171 cases operated on at the Novara hospital
Choc I., Boriani F., Carlucci S., Bocchiotti M. A.

Chirurgia 1999 October;12(5):367-72
Elastofibroma dorsi
Briccoli A., Smerieri A., Di Renzo M., Guicciardi L., De Bernardinis G., Mercuri M.

Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):273-5
Critical illness myopathy and neuropathy (CRI.MY.NE.) after mitral valve replacement: a case report
D’Auria F., Pellegrino A., Mve Mvondo C., Nardi P., Di Rezze S., Ortali G. A., Di Mario F., Chiariello L.

Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):235-40
How to manage acute mesenteric and portal vein thrombosis
Seung M-K., Roh Y-N., Kim Y-W., Kim D-I.

Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):111-5
Abdominal hypertension, pre-abdominal compartmental syndrome and abdominal compartmental syndrome in general surgery
Tagliabue F., Della Nave F., Bonandrini L.

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