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A Journal on Physiopathology and Surgery of the Foot

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Frequency: 3 issues

ISSN 2284-2993

Online ISSN 1827-1790

Most read articles over the last three weeks

Chirurgia del Piede 2011 December;35(3):113-8
Subungual exostoses: a rare and often unrecognized pathology
Cerlon R., Balboni E., Versiglia F., Morino L., Crova M.

Chirurgia Del Piede 2006 August;30(2):77-85
Erythromelalgia or Weir Mitchell’s syndrome. Past and present
Pisani G., Pisani P. C., Parino E.

Chirurgia Del Piede 2001 June;25(2):81-4
Treatment of foot subungueal exostosis
Rosa M. A., Galli M., Tafuro L., Proietti L.

Chirurgia Del Piede 2000 March;24(1):49-52
Surgical treatment of the perforating ulcer of the foot
Dalla Pria A., Conca M., Rossetti F.

Chirurgia del Piede 2011 August;35(2):55-62
“COXA PEDIS 1982-2010”
Pisani G.

Chirurgia Del Piede 2004 June;28(2):71-8
Hemostatic tourniquet management in orthopedic surgery of the lower extremity
Napoli V., Napoli E., Tempia A.

Chirurgia Del Piede 2005 June;29(2):85-90
Tibiotalar and subtalar arthrodesis in the sequelae of fractures of the talus
Pisani P. C.

Chirurgia del Piede 2010 April;34(1):19-25
Peritalar destabilisation syndrome: adult flat foot in degenerative glenopathy
Pisani G.

Chirurgia del Piede 2011 April;35(1):1-9
Fractures and dislocations of the Lisfranc joint: diagnosis, treatment and review series at Aosta Regional Hospital
Basile G., Meluccio A., Geminiani A., Cardis C., Marino P., Pagano R., Muraro E.

Medicina e Chirurgia della Caviglia e del Piede 2015 August;39(2):33-4
Resezione di sinostosi astragalo-calcaneale mediale ed artrodesi della sottoastragalica
Pisani G.

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