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A Journal on Physiopathology and Surgery of the Foot

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Frequency: 3 issues

ISSN 2284-2993

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Chirurgia Del Piede 2008 August;32(2):45-8


Geometric-radiographic models in hallux valgus surgery

Valeo M., Costanzo G. D., Clerici Bagozzi F., Bellacozza G.

Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Apparato Locomotore Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” di Roma, Roma

Aim. Elaboration of a geometric-radiographic model also for the planning preoperative of hallux valgus surgery and also predictive factor of recurrence.
Methods. The study has been conducted on 62 patients age included between 40 and 60 surgered of mono- or bilateral hallux valgus with the osteotomy “en Chevron”. On patients has been effected a clinical and radiological evaluation (foot in 2p) with the measurement of the first metatarsofalangeal and intermetatarsal angle and the Third angle pre- and postoperative. In checks after 1, 3, 6 months radiological verification has been effected surgery treatment’s result .
Results. The hallux valgus recurrence has been verified 15% of patients. Applying the principle of intermetatarsal angle correction Index at the Third angle and the first metatarsofalangeal angle, concordant values have been discovered also in cases of recurrence and then also in favourable cases with indexes values respectively inferior and superior to 3, 5, 4. This values they go to constitute a Concordance’s Proportion of Indexes to apply in various angles’ correction considered.
Conclusions. This study, although numerous factors, that take part of hallux valgus genesis and necessity of higher series of cases increasing , proposes a geometric-radiographic model able to two phases. Concordance’s Proportion of Indexes represents in fact, not only a hallux valgus predictive factor of recurrence, but also a planning instrument of the intervention through a theoretic calculation of every angle’s maximum value considered, it should not overcome post-operatively to obtain a treatment’s positive result during time.

language: Italian


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