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Italian Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery 2010 December;21(3):145-50

language: English

Endoscopic treatment and management of frontoethmoidal mucopyocele with orbital extension

Nicolai G., Lorè B., Prucher G. M., Calabrese L.

Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy


The aim of this case report was to report the presentation, the management and the treatment of extensive frontoethmoidal (FOE) mucopyocele. In this case report the authors present the clinical case of a 50‐year old woman that came in to the emergency room with acute clinic symptom: esoftalmic and with righteye hypomobility, pain, diplopic, without alteration of optical nerve functionality. With TC and RM exames, an extended monolateral mass at the basemant on the right orbit and perifocal bones profile deformation was identified. As a result of these characteristics an Endoscopic Surgery treatment was chosen. The patient is currently free of any clinical symptoms, she has completely reacquired visual function, without intra or post surgical complications. The mucopyocele can interest every paranasal sinus. In this case report, we analyzed the treatment of the frontoethmoidal mucopyocele with endonasal endoscopic surgery that permitted to avoid coronal surgery, which is considered more invasive, along with a higher probability of complications (liquorrea) and eventual aesthetic problems. The case proposed, evidences the necessity of modern surgeon to include is their capabilities those of alternative surgery techniques that are much more efficient.

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