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The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 2002 December;43(6):891-4

language: English

In vivo evaluation of lumbrokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from Lumbricus rubellus, in a prosthetic vascular graft

Hwang C.-M. 1, Kim D.-I. 2, Kim J.-E. 2, Huh S.-H. 2, Min B.-G. 1, Park J.-H. 2, Han J.-S. 2, Lee B.-B. 2, Kim Y.-I. 2, Ryu E.-S. 1, Kim J.-W. 1

1 Depart­ment of Bio­med­ical Engi­neering, Col­lege of Engi­neering, ­Seoul National Uni­ver­sity, ­Seoul, ­Korea
2 Divi­sion of Vas­cular Sur­gery, Sam­sung Med­ical Center, Sung­kyunkwan Uni­ver­sity School of Med­i­cine, Seoul, Korea


Back­ground. Lum­bro­kinase (LK) is a fibrin­o­lytic ­enzyme pur­i­fied ­from the ­earth­worm Lum­bricus ­rubellus. To inves­ti­gate the fibrin­o­lytic and anti­throm­botic ­effects of lum­brok­i­nase, a ­series of ­animal experi­ments ­were per­formed.
­Methods. The ­Dacron ­graft (3 mm in diam­eter, 3 cm in ­length) ­were ­treated ­with LK via two dif­ferent ­methods, ­simple dip­ping and cova­lent ­bonding ­methods. Cova­lent ­bonding was per­formed by UV reac­tion to poly­acrylic ­acid. The ­grafts ­were inter­posed ­into the infe­rior ­vena ­cava of the rab­bits and har­vested for 5 ­hours, 1, 2 and 4 ­weeks ­after the implan­ta­tion.
­Results. The LK non-­treated ­graft (n=4) ­were ­totally ­occluded ­with ­thrombus 5 ­hours ­after the implan­ta­tion. ­Both ­types of LK ­treated ­graft (n=8) ­were ­patent 1 ­week ­after the implan­ta­tion. The ­grafts ­treated ­with the ­simple dip­ping ­method (n=4) ­were ­occluded ­with ­thrombus 2 ­weeks ­after the implan­ta­tion. The ­grafts ­treated ­with cova­lent ­bonding (n=4) ­were ­patent 4 ­weeks ­after the implan­ta­tion. Ultra­struc­tural anal­ysis of the ­luminal sur­face of the ­patent ­grafts by scan­ning elec­tron micros­copy ­revealed the ­thin ­plasma pro­tein ­layer to be ­about 5 ­μ in thick­ness ­with ­platelet adhe­sions.
Con­clu­sions. Lum­brok­i­nase has poten­tial anti­throm­botic ­effects in a ­small diam­eter vas­cular pros­thesis. The cova­lent ­bonding ­method ­proved to be ­more effec­tive ­than the ­simple dip­ping ­method.

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