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The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 1999 December;40(6):797-802



Chronic pul­mo­nary ­artery bal­loon coun­ter­pul­sa­tion in ­sheep via per­cut­ane­ous ­route

Smith M. V., Laird J. D., Hsi C., Ming Li J., Favreau J., Cuenoud H. C., Moran J. M.

From the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester, MA, USA

Background. In clin­i­cal prac­tice pul­mo­nary ­artery bal­loon coun­ter­pul­sa­tion (­PABC) has ­been uti­lized ­only in the oper­a­tive set­ting ­with the bal­loon ­housed in a ­graft ­attached to the pul­mo­nary ­artery. Clearly, per­cut­ane­ous inser­tion of a ded­i­cat­ed pul­mo­nary ­artery bal­loon is a desir­able ­goal for ­patients requir­ing tem­po­rary ­assist for ­right ven­tric­u­lar fail­ure.
Methods. To ­address the ques­tion of ­right sid­ed car­di­o­pul­mo­nary tol­er­ance for a chron­ic ind­well­ing pul­mo­nary ­artery bal­loon, six ­adult ­ewes under­went per­cut­ane­ous place­ment of an 11 ml pul­mo­nary ­artery bal­loon, via the femo­ral ­vein. Effective pump­ing and tim­ing ­were mon­i­tored for 48 ­hours at ­which ­time the ani­mals ­were sac­ri­ficed. At autop­sy ­gross and micro­scop­ic ­study of all ­right ­heart struc­tures, the pul­mo­nary arter­ies and the ­lungs ­were stud­ied for ­adverse ­effects.
Results. There ­were incon­se­quen­tial ­minor abra­sions to ­right ­heart struc­tures in ­most ani­mals. The pul­mo­nary ­artery in ­five of six ani­mals ­revealed ecchy­mos­es and ­some trans­mu­ral hem­or­rhage, but no necro­sis or per­fo­ra­tion. There was no pul­mo­nary inju­ry ­that ­could not be ­ascribed to post­op­er­a­tive ate­lec­ta­sis.
Conclusions. This ­study dem­on­strates ­that chron­ic pul­mo­nary ­artery bal­loon coun­ter­pul­sa­tion can be car­ried out for a peri­od of 48 ­hours with­out sig­nif­i­cant inju­ry to ­right ­heart and pul­mo­nary struc­tures in the ­ovine mod­el.

language: English

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