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A Journal on Physiopathology and Therapy of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers

Official Journal of the Italian Association for Cutaneous Ulcers
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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 1721-2596

Online ISSN 1827-1774


Most read articles over the last three weeks

Acta Vulnologica 2014 December;12(4):187-92
A novel methacrylate powder dressing (AltrazealĀ®) for hard-to-heal wounds. Case report
Fraccalvieri M., Morozzo U., Salomone M., Ruka E., Fava R.

Acta Vulnologica 2006 December;4(4):163-6
Ulcers induced during therapy with hydroxyurea in patients with myeloproliferative disorders
Venturi C., Pandolfi R., Motolese A

Acta Vulnologica 2015 September;13(3):157-70
Modalities of tissue repair and wound treatment
Paggi B., Dini V., Romanelli M.

Acta Vulnologica 2008 March;6(1):43-8
Urgent aggressive surgical therapy in acute infections with wet gangrene of the diabetic foot. Case reports involving open wound treatment and the use of advanced dressings
Gargano V., Farina P., Carbone I., Di Cosmo M.

Acta Vulnologica 2013 September;11(3):103-22
Changes in wound condition after cardiac surgery: a single-center prospective observational study
Ferrari E., La Rocca F., Forma O., De Bonis M.

Acta Vulnologica 2009 December;7(4):221-7
Lower extremity ulcers in drug addiction
Corradin M. T., Fava C., Gandi A., Marcuz G., Tamai B., Virgolini L.

Acta Vulnologica 2007 September;5(3):105-11
Askina Calcitrol Ag: clinical use of an advanced antiseptic medication
Ricci E., Pittarello M., Cassino R., Moffa M., Ferrero S., Gonella M., Tonini E.

Acta Vulnologica 2014 June;12(2):101-7
Topical negative pressure therapy in the treatment of recalcitrant wounds: clinical series from the Vascular Surgery Clinic, Rovigo Hospital, Rovigo, Italy
Mocellin S., Schiesaro S., Ruzza L., Girotto E.

Acta Vulnologica 2014 September;12(3):143-52
Functional classification of wound dressings
Greco A., Mastronicola D., Magnoni C.

Acta Vulnologica 2015 June;13(2):77-89
Use of a topical preparation based on lactoferrin to manage acute and chronic cutaneous dyschromia and hypotrophy
Musso A., Aloesio R., Caponi R.

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