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A Journal on Physiopathology and Therapy of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers

Official Journal of the Italian Association for Cutaneous Ulcers
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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 1721-2596

Online ISSN 1827-1774


Most read articles over the last three weeks

Acta Vulnologica 2016 December;14(4):202-15
Treatment of ulcers of the lower limbs with a mixture of vegetable extracts based diosmin, centella asiatica, vitis vinifera, ruscus aculeatus and bromelain: observational and therapeutic study s.o.v.e.t.o. (observational study with vegetable extract on treatment of venous ulcer)
Antonino GRASSO, Mario A. ALBERTI, Andrea BUSALACCHI *

Acta Vulnologica 2013 September;11(3):103-22
Changes in wound condition after cardiac surgery: a single-center prospective observational study
Ferrari E., La Rocca F., Forma O., De Bonis M.

Acta Vulnologica 2016 December;14(4):186-95
Effectiveness of a new bioactive GAGs-based dressing in increasing re-epithelialization rate in venous ulcers
Francesco PETRELLA *, Giuseppe NEBBIOSO

Acta Vulnologica 2016 March;14(1):16-23
Application of Ortodermina ointment (lidocaine 5%) when preparing ulcers for ultrasonic debridement
Francesco GIACINTO, Manuela GERMANO, Elisabetta GIACINTO, Domenica CIUFFOLETTI

Acta Vulnologica 2014 December;12(4):187-92
A novel methacrylate powder dressing (AltrazealĀ®) for hard-to-heal wounds. Case report
Fraccalvieri M., Morozzo U., Salomone M., Ruka E., Fava R.

Acta Vulnologica 2007 June;5(2):45-9
Normothermic treatment of pressure ulcers: preliminary results of the first Italian multicenter randomized trial
Romanelli M., Brilli C., Panizzi R., Ricci E., Scalise A., Bovone U., Richetta A., Fabbri C., Hanna D.

Acta Vulnologica 2006 December;4(4):163-6
Ulcers induced during therapy with hydroxyurea in patients with myeloproliferative disorders
Venturi C., Pandolfi R., Motolese A

Acta Vulnologica 2008 December;6(4):205-13
Negative topic pression in home assistance and in RSA: our experience
Lombardi A., Biancardi A., Giudice M., Sacchetti I., Caruso R., Zaltieri C., Destro S., Pezzolato C., Spinelli S., Franchi S., Berlusconi A., Crespi A., Martinoli M.

Acta Vulnologica 2008 September;6(3):139-48
Neoplastic ulcers of the lower extremities
Corradin M. T., Fava C., Gandi A., Marcuz G.

Acta Vulnologica 2016 December;14(4):171-85
Chronic wounds: unmet medical needs
Luca NERI, Alice FATTORI, Sara ROWAN, Mario MARAZZI, Francesco PETRELLA, Pasquale LONGOBARDI, Nedjoua BELKACEM, Francesca CARINI, Caterina TARTAGLIONE, Matteo TORRESETTI, Alessandro SCALISE *

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