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A Journal on Phlebology

Official Journal of the Italian College of Phlebology
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Frequency: 3 issues

ISSN 1593-232X

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Acta Phlebologica 2000 December;1(2):59-62


Relationship ­between diam­e­ter, ­reflux and mor­phol­o­gy in per­for­mat­ing ­veins of ­patients ­with var­i­cose ­veins

Cataldi A., Gasbarro V., Mascoli F.

Operative Vascular Surgery Unit, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy

BACKGROUND: The treat­ment of chron­ic ­venous insuf­fi­cien­cy ­requires the knowl­edge of hemo­dy­nam­ics of per­fo­rat­ing ­veins.
METHODS: From January 1999 ­until December 1999 was per­formed a col­or ­flow ­duplex ultra­so­nog­ra­phy in ­patients affect­ed by chron­ic ­venous insuf­fi­cien­cy with­out ­active ­ulcers. 347 per­fo­rat­ing ­veins ­were ana­lysed. The ­reflux was ­defined as ­reverse ­flow ­that last­ed long­er ­than 0.5 sec­onds. The map­ping of per­fo­rat­ing ­veins was car­ried out in the ­calf and in the ­thigh. The diam­e­ter of per­fo­ra­tor ­veins was meas­ured in ­patients in ­erect posi­tion on tras­verse pro­jec­tions at the cross­ing of the fas­cia. Competent ver­sus incom­pe­tent ­vein diam­e­ters ­were com­pared by ­unpaired t-­test (two-­tailed) and com­par­a­tion ­between diam­e­ter and mor­phol­o­gy was per­formed ­with one-way ANO­VA and Tukey-Kramer Multiple com­pa­ri­son ­test.
RESULTS: A ­study of 347 per­fo­ra­tor ­veins ­revealed a rela­tion ­between per­fo­rat­ing ­veins diam­e­ters and ­reflux. No asso­ci­a­tion of per­fo­ra­tor ­veins mor­phol­o­gy and ­reflux was ­observed.
CONCLUSIONS: The ­present ­study dem­on­strates a rela­tion­ship ­between diam­e­ter and ­reflux in per­fo­rat­ing ­veins. Morphology of per­fo­ra­tor ­veins was ­found to not inter­fere ­with rela­tion ­between diam­e­ter and ­reflux.

language: English


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